How I Grew my Pinterest Monthly Views by 4900% in One Month

Pinterest seriously blows my mind. I remember when it first became “a thing,” and it was just a hobby website that I would kill time on during my college classes (oops). When I wasn’t really using Pinterest to its full potential, I had 152 monthly viewers. Now….7600! That’s ONE MONTH of growth, and I have no doubts that it will continue to grow! As I’m sure many of you know, it has BLOWN up and is now an AMAZING tool for businesses.

Let’s start with that. Why is it an amazing tool?

  • For starters, it can drive MAJOR traffic to your website. The lifespan of a pin is about one week, as compared to posting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, where your content can be lost in a matter of minutes.
  • Pinterest is a major influencer of purchasing decisions. If you are promoting your service or products on Pinterest, you’re allowing that to be seen more heavily on Pinterest than on any other platform.
  • Pinterest can actually help you stay up-to-date on trends that can benefit your own business.
  • Pins can go viral

That said, if you’re a business owner and NOT on Pinterest…get on that now!

So how did I grow my Pinterest monthly views? And how can you do the same?

  • Pinning content for my target audience. I’m a social media manager, so I’m pinning content that relates to that. Tips for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, SEO, etc. I want people who are looking for those tips to then be directed to my website. Those are my potential clients, and this keeps me on top of trends in my industry.
  • Pinning frequently. The more I pin, the more people see those pins. The more people see those pins, the more they re-pin, and then more people see those pins, and so on (If I say pin one more time LOL). This directs people to my boards.
  • Attractive and valuable pins. Whether I’m creating my own pins or just re-pinning others, I try to be strategic about what they look like and what value they offer. People are more likely to repin an attractive picture with enticing words.
  • As with any other platform, pinning at the optimum time of day. It’s important to pin when your target audience is online.

I’m excited to continue working on my Pinterest, and you should give these tactics a try! If you need help getting on board with the platform, I’m here – let’s work together to get traffic to your website!

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xo, Coleen