INSTAGRAM INSIGHTS – what are they and why do they matter?

Your Instagram insights basically keep you updated on how your profile and your posts are performing.

For example:

How many different accounts are you reaching each week? How many with each post?

Are people finding your posts through hashtags? Are your hashtag groups even effective?

Are certain types of content performing better than others? Does your audience engage more with personal posts, or tips and tricks?

Where is most of your audience located? Does this affect the time you should post your content?

^^^These examples, and more, are why insights matter!

They can help you determine your future content and planning based on past results and audience information.

If a certain post performed REALLY well, you may want to repurpose that content, reuse those hashtags, and post around that same time.

And if a certain post didn’t perform so well, the opposite. Try different types of content, research new hashtags, post at the time your audience is online.

This is how you can use your insight information to improve your account in the future and reach more people!

I like to check my account insights on a weekly basis and keep track of them in an excel spreadsheet, so I can look at how my account has performed and grown over time. 

What questions do you have about insights? Do you track yours?

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xx Coleen